Do I have to mapp all rates towards Sirvoy?  

You might have several rates created for the same room type at, Expedia or Agoda. What do you have to take into consideration when choosing if you should mapp (connect) all rates to Sirvoy or not?


The below picture shows what the mapping page looks like when going to Settings > Channels > > Edit. The first rate in the list of rates under each room type always have to be mapped with a Sirvoy room type. (The one called "Standard rate" below). But you don't necessarily have to mapp the other rates.

In the example below, if the "Standard Rate" is mapped, the "Non Refundable Rate" and "Minimum 7 Nights" will automatically inherit the availability from the room type mapped to the "Standard Rate" (here - "Continental Small"). But please note that although availability is inherited, restrictions are not. Any restriction set in Sirvoy for the room type mapped to "Standard Rate" will not be applied to the unmapped rates, therefore leaving the room type bookable via these rates.

Also, if you leave some rates upmapped, the price / rate will then not be set in Sirvoy but rather at the channel. Often, this is a one-time setting easily made on the channel, where the price applied for the rate will be a percentage of the "Standard Rate" (which price you set in Sirvoy).

So, choose to mapp all rates to Sirvoy room types if:

  • You wish to control prices from Sirvoy
  • You wish to control availability on channels fby creating restrictions in Sirvoy

Important! Each rate have to be mapped to a unique Sirvoy room type and its set of rooms must be the exact same as the room type mapped to the "Standard Rate". Using the "Duplicate function" in Sirvoy will help you out. Read more about it here.

Choose not to mapp all rates if:

  • You like to avoid having many room types created in Sirvoy
  • You are fine with setting the price for the unmapped rates on the channel and you don't need to restrict the availability

Please see "How do I connect, or map, room types between Sirvoy and my channels?" for a general guide on how to mapp room types.



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