Cancelled in Expedia, but not in Sirvoy  

Sometimes you might see something that appears to be a problem - a booking is marked as cancelled in Expedia but not in Sirvoy. Is there a problem with the connection? Not necessarily, in many cases the explanation is another and the solution is at hand.

The issue arises when an Expedia booking is modified. When the guest changes something on the booking, Expedia automatically cancels the booking and creates a new one, with a new Expedia booking id. However, the new booking in Expedia has the same confirmation number, which equals to the Sirvoy booking number. Therefore, the booking will appear to be cancelled on Expedia, although it is actually not and therefore not cancelled in Sirvoy.

Solution - when you find yourself with this situation, make a search on your Expedia extranet with the last name of the guest, or the confirmation number (Sirvoy booking id). If you see two different Expedia bookings with the same confirmation number then you know that the booking was somehow modified and not actually cancelled by the guest. Everything is alright!

Expedia having built their system this way, Sirvoy cannot change this setting.

If a booking shows as cancelled in Expedia but not on Sirvoy and the above doesn't prove to be the reason, please contact us and we will assist you.

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