Is it possible to connect Sirvoy to Trivago?  

There is at the time no possibility to create a direct connection between Sirvoy and Trivago.
Still, if your hotel appears on / Expedia or other sales channels, you will be displayed on Trivago too.

Trivago is not an OTA (online travel agency) like, Expedia, Hostelworld etc, it’s rather a meta search engine alike TripAdvisor, Google Hotels, Momondo etc. These meta search engines all display prices as they appear on the sales channels to which the hotel is connected. If your hotel appears on OTA:s, you are most likely already on Trivago too, with the prices on the OTA:s displayed and a possibility to have guests redirected to the OTA:s for booking. If your hotel should not appear on Trivago although your hotel is shown on OTA:s, you can contact Trivago about how to be displayed there.

Trivago has since some time launched a possibility for hotels to appear on Trivago also with the prices shown on the hotel's home page. We are looking into this for possible future connection so that prices on your Sirvoy booking form would appear on Trivago. It would also mean that guests could be directed to your hotel's Sirvoy booking form on your home page and possibility for booking there. Hotels will be charged based on the cost-per-click model. More information will be given here as soon as we know more about this possibility.


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