Why is the booking divided into different rooms?  

Bookings received from channels might on rare occasions be divided into different rooms.
If the same room is available for the whole booking period, the booking will of course be put in that very room. If the same room is not available for the whole period but another room in the same room type is, the booking will still go through.

How can you allow for the guests to stay in the same room?
On these unusual cases, changing the attributed rooms in other bookings often makes it possible to optimize the calendar and thus let the guest stay in the same room. Making room for complete stays is easy with the drag-and-drop function in the calendar view. Please see this support page for help on how to use it.
(Avoid changing room to one in a different room type, if you do future updates on the booking will not go through to Sirvoy but be available only on the channel.)


Why does it happend?
The way the XML connection to channels is built, channels collects availability per day (the amount of rooms available), not for a consistent period for a specific room. This creates these situations where sometimes a booking overlappning several dates is divided into two different rooms. Most hotels appreciate this as it allows them to receive as many bookings as possible.


Note: This only concerns for bookings received from channels. When trying to make a booking from within your Sirvoy account or on the Sirvoy booking form on your home page and the same room is not available for the whole stay, booking the room for that period will not be possible.


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