Installing the booking form on WIX  

You can easily add the booking form on your Wix site:

When logged in at WIX:


1. Click Add, from the left tool bar.

2. From the Add list, click Apps. Click HTML.

3. From the HTML Settings window, under Mode, click the drop-down menu and select HTML code

4. Under HTML/embed code, type or paste your HTML code. (You find the HTLM code to paste in Sirvoy under "Settings -> Booking form -> Booking form for your website -> How to install > Stand alone page with booking form and contact details (URL) ". The format is similar to the following

5. Click Update.

6. Click outside of the HTML Add on to close the HTML Settings window.



If the HTML widget isn't working, simply paste the html code between <body> RIGHT HERE </body> and click the button above (Edit and Click Me) in order to see the results.
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