Creating duplicate accommodation types and linking rooms  

When connecting to a channel you might often want to make the same room or units available with or without breakfast or with a last minute offer etc. to complete the mapping of the channel. In such cases you will need to create several accommodation types for the same rooms were each accommodation type represents a different rate. Below you can see how that can be accomplished. So lets say you have a Single room already available without breakfast and you want to make another one available with breakfast.


  1. Go to Settings -> Accommodation types -> Register a new accommodation type.
  2. Select the checkbox that says "This is an alias/rate" and then select which accommodation type you want to create a rate for.
  3. Call it something similar to the accommodation rate you are creating a alias/rate for.
  4. Add the correct number of guests and a price that includes the breakfast charge. Also make sure to tick the checkbox next to Internal accommodation type. (That will make sure that this accommodation type isn’t available through your booking form on your website but only through the channel)
  5. Save

When you have created accommodation types for all the different rates you need then you can go to your channel settings and complete the mapping.


Note: If duplicate room types are used for the connection to channels, these will not inherit restrictions created for the room types they are connected to. Restrictions will have to be set for the actual room type used in the connection. Read more about creating restrictions on room types used in channel connections here.

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