Can I import my existing bookings into Sirvoy?  

Yes. We have an import functionality that will allow us to add all your previous bookings into your Sirvoy account.



To accomplish this we need you to collect all your booking information into a CSV file that follows these requirements:

  • Fields must be separated by semi-colon (;)
  • Fields can be left empty, except for these required fields: Room No., Check-in, Check-out, Number of Guests, Price per Night, First Name
  • Room No. must match the room number/name as entered in Sirvoy (not room type).
  • Check-in and Check-out must be in format "YYYY-mm-dd" or "dd-mm-YYYY"
  • Price per Night must have a decimal point (not a comma), or no decimals at all.
  • All columns must be correctly named and present in the following order:
    Booking No.;Check-in;Check-out;Room No.;Number of Guests;Price per Night;First Name;Last Name;Company;Address;Post/Zip Code;City;Country;Phone;Email;Guest Message;Comment;Confirmed

An example CSV file is attached below, feel free to download it.



If you have a more than 200 bookings and can prepare a file according to the requirements above then we can import your bookings for free. Please contact our support staff for more information regarding your imports and possible charges.

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