How to sell a room on which display different price per person?  

Example 1) If you want to sell a Single Room on with a fixed price, activate "Standard rate" in "Standard rate" are able to receive one fixed price for a room, cottage or bed from Sirvoy.

Example 2)  If you want to sell a Double Room allowing either 1 or 2 guests to book, for different price, standard rate is not enough. You will need to ask to activate a "Single Use Rate" too, (price for one person). With this two rates activated ("Single use rate, price for one person" and "Standard rate-Price for two persons"), are able to receive two prices from Sirvoy, both single and double price. (This is only necessary if you sell your double room as both a  "single" and double. If you sell the double room for two people only, (min 2 guests, max 2 guests, fixed price), you can use "Standard rate", just as with Single room.) 

Example 3) If you want to sell a Cottage, with prices from 3 guests, up to for example 12 guests, "Standard rate" or "Single use rate" will not work. You will instead need to activate  "Fixed Occupancy - Derived Rate". Ask your account manager at to activate this rate for your roomtype.


Derived rates in detail:

Example: Lets say you have created a "Quadruple room" for 4 people in Sirvoy and in, and mapped them together. Now you want the 4 different prices you have set in Sirvoy to display on, when someone books there, depending on the number of persons chosen by the guest. Ask your account manager at to activate Fixed Occupancy and Derived Rate for this roomtype.

With derived rate only recieve the highest (or lowest) price that are sent from Sirvoy for the room type (400$ from the above example) and then manually in extranet set how much the price should be for 3,2,1 persons, (or opposite). 

So what you need to do is map the room types together in Sirvoy "Settings-> Channels->> Edit" When this is done you contact your account manager at and tell them to use the highest price for 4 persons and give them the prices that should be set for 3,2,1 persons. will set the prices from the highest price.

For example if they collect 400$ for 4 persons they will set that 3persons will be -100$, 2persons -200$ and 1person -300$ and this will result in 3persons = 300$, 2persons = 200$, 1person = 100$.

This means that if you change your price in Sirvoy for 4persons to 500$ the prices will result in 3persons = 400$, 2persons = 300$, 1person = 200$.

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