I forgot my Sirvoy password and want to restore it  

To restore your password:

1) Go to Sirvoy > Login > Forgot your password?

2) Fill out your username, and one additional field, for example "firstname". Do not fill in all fields.

3) When you click "Next step" a email with a new password will be sent to the email address registered to that account.




"I did not receive any email"

-Please check the trashcan in your email application or ask support@sirvoy.com which email address is registered.


"I have forgotten my username"

-Send us an email: support@sirvoy.com and we send you the username.


"I recieve a error message when tring to restore, "the username does not exist or the data was incorrect"".

-You may have entered incorrect or misspelled information in one of the required fields, either a wrong or mispelled username or wrong firstname, last name, email or cellphonenr. Try again with a new field, if the problem persists, ask support@sirvoy.com to help you restore for you. 

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