Setting up Siteminder  

Integration Process

  1. If a hotel would like to connect Sirvoy Reservation System to Siteminder, they will put a request through to their Account Manager or Sales representative at Siteminder.
  2. The Sales Representative or the Account Manager (at Siteminder) will trigger a case, in order to start the process of the Integration/connection.
  3. As soon as the connection is approved to go forward, the PMS integration team (at Siteminder) will prepare the setup spreadsheet with all the required connection credentials.
  4. The spreadsheet will then be sent to Sirvoy Reservation System. Sirvoy will send this to the hotel, which can use the spreadsheet to mapp/connect the room types. If using it, the Room Codes from the Siteminder settings page on Sirvoy have to be added to it. (See details in the mapping instructions below). But, the hotel can also mapp/connect the room types from their Siteminder account, described below.
  5. Once returned, Siteminder PMS integration will proceed with the complete setup and get in touch with Sirvoy Reservation System Support to complete to the live phase.

Mapping room types

  1. Hotel go to Sittings-> Channels-> Siteminder-> Edit
  2. Here you need to set Your hotel ID that you receive from Siteminder.
  3. Activate the room types you want to send to Siteminder by clicking them to On status.
  4. Now the hotell needs to inform Siteminder what Room Code (inside the brackets) belongs to what room type in Siteminder so they manually can mapp/connect them together (this can be done in the spreadsheet Siteminder provide).

Because Sirvoy don´t use rate codes we will not provide this to Siteminder.
We will only provide the Room code and Inventory code.

You find the Room Code inside the brackets under the Siteminder settings in Sirvoy.

This Room code will be used in Siteminder for both "Room Code" and "Inventory Code".

If you want to set different rates such as for the Single Use rate, Non refundable rate etc. you can make room types for these in Sirvoy and give them the specific Room Code in Siteminder as shown below for rate "Bed N Breakfast".

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