I want to sell a room Friday to Sunday only  

Example: The guest is allowed to book a room, Friday to Sunday (2 nights) only, for a limited time (3 months in this example), Check-in allowed Fridays only.

Go to "Settings > Restrictions > Bookable days > Define a new period".

Choose "Valid" for time period, for example, 3 months.

Choose the room type you want to use under "Valid for room type".

Choose "For check-ins on the following days": Check Friday.

Choose "Minimum nights per stay" :2

Choose "Maximum nights per stay" :2

Choose: "Any number of days within the range can be booked".



Now go to "Settings > Restrictions > Restrictions for check-in, check-out and /or stays > Restrict period"

Choose the same time period as above. "Unavailable from-to Available from".

Choose "Valid for room type".

Choose "Blocked days:" > Only specific days > Mo, Tu, We, Th, Sa, Su.

Choose "Check-in not allowed"


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