Accepting payments with WorldPay  

To enable this payment solution you need to have an account with Sirvoy and an online merchant account with WorldPay.

How to activate the Worldpay payment solution:

  1. Register with WorldPay. See (former for more information.
  2. Login to your Sirvoy account and go to "Settings > Payments and invoicing > Card payments > Edit".
  3. Select to activate the feature for WorldPay and enter the Installation-ID that you have received from RBS WorldPay. Then, enter a password of your choice.
  4. Sign in to your account at WorldPay. Click Installations in the menu. Click Integration Setup for the PRODUCTION Environment. Check Enable Payment Response and enter the following URL:
  5. Enter the same password you registered in Sirvoy as Payment Response Password. In this way, payments made will automatically and securely be registered in Sirvoy's reservation system.
  6. Create a new hotel booking to find out what your guests will see. Try the link to see that it works.
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