Using the WordPress plugin  

If you are using WordPress for your hotel’s website or blog, it’s easy to add the Sirvoy hotel booking engine and start accepting online hotel bookings.

Installing Sirvoy’s hotel booking widget and plugin for WordPress:

  1. Download the plugin here:
  2. Install the plugin in WordPress by uploading the zip-file.
  3. Make sure you have an account with Sirvoy's hotel booking system.
  4. In your Sirvoy account, go to "Settings -> Your website -> How to install the booking form" and copy the booking module         ID.
  5. Go back to WordPress and enter the booking module ID in "Settings -> Sirvoy Booking Engine".
  6. Put this short code [sirvoy] in the pages or posts where you want to display the booking engine. To display the booking     form in another language than the default, then choose which language the following way: [sirvoy language="fr"].
  7. Go to "Appearance -> Widgets" in WordPress and add the Sirvoy Hotel Booking Widget to your sidebar.
  8. Done!

Here is link to a wordpress page as reference with the plugin booking form installed.

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