Setting up Expedia QuickConnect  

How to set up channel management with Expedia Quickconnect (listed below as the sales channel). When activated availability will automatically be updated as bookings are received.

Note: If you have any future bookings received through Expedia, these will not be automatically retrieved and registered in Sirvoy. They have to be manually imported into Sirvoy. If you have a larger amount, we will happily assist you with this. Please see this article for more info.

  1. Register an account with Expedia.

  2. Make sure that you use Sirvoy Premium. If you use Sirvoy Basic you can upgrade by going to "Settings > Your account > Account type > Edit".

  3. Connect to Expedia QuickConnect on your Sirvoy account by going to "Settings > Channels > Expedia", (you'll need to have a Premium account to see this). Please click on "instructions" which will guide you on how to create the connection request from within your Expedia extranet.

  4. A few days after this is completed you will receive a mail from us that it's time to map (or match) your accomodation types. This is done by going to "Settings > Channels > Expedia". You will here be able to map your available Expedia accommodation types with your Sirvoy accommodation types. Have a look at mapping, about synchronizing your Sirvoy accommodation units with your Expedia accommodation units, to accomplish this successfully.

    When you mapp the room types, the connection is automatically activated so it's important that any restrictions you like to have are already set beforehand.

  5. At the same page, choose if you like to have prices sent automatically to Expedia or not. If you choose not to, save your mapping and then directly go to "Settings > Channels > Expedia > Send price update". Mark all room types and click "Update". Make sure to do this regularly, suggested frequency is once a month. 

  • The number of rooms that are available through the sales channel is based on the number of rooms that are registered under the accommodation types in Sirvoy. All accommodation types available in the sales channel must have a corresponding accommodation type in Sirvoy. However, it is possible to have accommodation types in Sirvoy which are not available in the sales channel.
  • Make sure that your prices are set as OBP (Occupancy based pricing) and LAR (Lowest Available Rate) on your channel's Extranet.
  • When activated, the availability will be updated for about 12-18 months into the future (depending on the sales channel and connection). When the system is starting its initial update, it can take 1-2 hours for the entire amount to be synchronized, as there is so much information to transfer the first time. After that, Sirvoy will be continuously updating the availability of the sales channel, whenever a change occurs in Sirvoy, and vice versa.
  • Be aware that once the connection is completed, all updates of rates (only Seasonal prices & temporary changes/Spot prices are supported by the xml), availabilities and restrictions (all three choices under "Restrictions for check-in, check-out and/or stays" - Check-in not allowed / Stays not allowed / Check-out not allowed and "Bookable days" and blocks created directly on the Sirvoy calendar are supported by the xml) will be sent to Expedia, exclusively from your Sirvoy interface. Manual entries are no longer enabled in Extranet on Expedia's side. Rates & availability grids will only be visible for the hotel, for their monitoring and conformity with the uploads sent from Sirvoy.
  • If a temporary error would occur in transferring a reservation between the sales channel and Sirvoy, then the sales channel will send over the reservation by fax, instead of according to the normal routine.
  • Be aware that even if the synchronization of bookings between your channel and your Sirvoy account are almost immediate, there is still a possibility that a double booking could occur, if bookings are made exactly at the same time. However, it is very rare that this could happen, even for very busy hotels.
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