Can I send automated emails to my guests?  

Yes, you can set this up by going to "Settings > Languages and texts".  There, you have the option to create email and mobile text templates, as well as assigning the emails or texts to be sent automatically.

First, you may want to create your own templates, (or you can skip that step and use the standard confirmation and cancel templates). You can create your own templates by going to "Settings > Languages and texts > Email template > Add new template". On the right side of the page you will see several codes. You can use these codes to add relevant guest and booking information to your messages. 

Next step is to activate your newly created email templates or standard templates by going to "Settings > Languages and texts > Automated messages > Edit". Choose which templates you want to be automatically sent out, and when. You can choose to send them out X amount of days before or after check-in/check-out, or after the booking was made. New booking requests, confirmation and cancellation emails and texts, can also be automated.

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