Can I create and keep track of invoices on Sirvoy?  

Yes, you can activate Sirvoy’s invoicing module and prepare your account settings by following this procedure:

  1. Log in at Go to Settings > Payments and invoicing > Invoicing module > Edit.
  2. Fill in the information requested. Seek advice from your accounting software or accountant when filling in your account codes.
  3. When editing your accommodation types you can specify the VAT or GST rate as well as which account code the accommodation type should respond to. Repeat this step for all accommodation types.
  4. When editing your extras you can specify the VAT or GST rate as well as which account code the extras should respond to. Repeat this step for all extras.

How to create an invoice for a booking:

  1. Go to the booking details page.
  2. Click on the text "Create Invoice" shown on the booking page.
  3. Control check the invoice recipients and edit if needed. Select terms of payment, eg cash receipt or regular invoice with a specific expiration date. If cash receipt is selected, you must also choose account code.
  4. The booking details will be used to fill in the fields in the invoice. If only a part of the booking is to be paid, you can uncheck any part of the booking to the left so that the row is excluded. You can also edit the charges and quantities if necessary.
  5. Check that the correct VAT or GST rates and account codes are selected on the invoice.
  6. Finally, double check that the amount invoiced looks right and click "Create Invoice".

After the invoice has been created, you can change, delete, or add invoice lines, and print the invoice in PDF format. But note that the bill no longer can be changed after it is printed. If the original invoice is, for some reason, erroneous you can create a credit invoice (click on "Create credit invoice" on the invoice details page). Through the new credit invoice you may correct the error.

On each invoice, you can specify how it was paid (eg cash, card or giro). Cash receipt is always considered paid – therefore, the first account code registered for payments will always appear (eg 1910 Cash) unless otherwise specified.

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