How do I connect, or map, room types between Sirvoy and my channels?  

Before you can fully activate an XML connection between Sirvoy and a channel you need to make sure that the room types, or rates, you have available on the channel, have the same corresponding room type to be connected to in your Sirvoy account. (otherwise you need to create those).

This connection is referred to as mapping, and will help the two systems share a 2-way connection, sending and updating information about the same room type in both Sirvoy and the sales channel, in real time.



Let's say you want to map or connect the accommodation type "Queen Room". The accommodation type "Queen Room" needs to exist already in both Sirvoy and

1) Go to "Settings > Channels > > Edit"



2) Under "Settings > Channels > > Edit" you will find the room type "Queen Room".

3) Now you need to map the room type "Queen Room-Non Smoking Standard Rate" to the corresponding "Queen" room type in Sirvoy. Do this by clicking on the "Select here" drop down menu and choose the equivalent room type from all the existing Sirvoy room types you have already created.




4) Repeat the above steps for all of the room types which have a "Select here" drop down menu, and that needs to be mapped to a corresponding Sirvoy room type.


5) Save (if you have mapped room types for an Expedia connection, go directly to point 6. If you've done so for, please do these two things first - notify the Sirvoy support team that you've mapped your room types and we will confirm the mapping, and activate the connection at your extranet).


6) Now, go to "Settings > Channels > > Update prices" and select all room types and a period of 12-18 months, and then choose "Update". After about an hour your rooms and prices will be visible at


Here are a few points to keep in mind when preparing this:

  • If you only have some of your rooms available on your channel, you will have to have these rooms separated into their own accommodation types on your Sirvoy account.  Example: You have three double bedrooms available on Sirvoy but only want two double bedrooms available via your channel.  In your Sirvoy account you will have to create one accommodation type for the two double rooms you want to have available via your channel, and another accommodation type for the third double bedroom.
  • If you are offering an accommodation type with different rates (double bedroom with or without dinner, for example in :“read-only rates”, “last minute rate”) on your channel, then you will have to create a special package deal on your Sirvoy account that will cover both rates. That means that you will create two accommodation types of the same room but with different rates, and then linking them together. See this support page for more information about how to do this.
  • It’s important to check that the currency you are using is the same on both your channel’s account and your Sirvoy account. You can change the currency you use on your Sirvoy account by going to  "Settings > Your account > Localization > Edit > Prices are set in this currency".
  • When you have mapped, or matched, your accommodation types on "Settings > Channels > Integration with (your channel) > Login" > Click "Save", then the accommodation types you have registered on your Sirvoy account will override your channel’s accommodation type details. The rates and amount of rooms you have registered on your Sirvoy account will be updated to your channel’s account. Example: You have a double room accommodation type registered to your channel with two rooms added to it. On your Sirvoy account you have a double room accommodation type registered with three rooms added to it. When you login and update your channel’s account by going to "Settings > Channels > Integration with (your channel) > Send updates" (to your channel)> Fill in details and click "Save", your Sirvoy account information will override your channel’s information and you will have three rooms available on your channel.
  • You can have different rates for your accommodations on your channel’s account and Sirvoy account by first updating the rates by going to "Settings > Channels > Integration with (your channel) > Save updates to (your channel)" > Fill in details and click "Save". After that, change your prices on your Sirvoy account without updating your channel’s account.
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