Setting up TripAdvisor  

These TripAdvisor prodict are possible to use together with Sirvoy:

TripAdvisor Review Express
This product can be set up so that automated review mails are sent from TripAdvisor for every booking made on Sirvoy, as explained in this link Look for the heading "Go automated" which explains how to "connect" to Sirvoy. With this solution, Sirvoy will send all email addresses on bookings to TripAdvisor, along with the check-out date, so that automated mails go out according to the settings you make for this, on your TripAdvisor account.


Receive bookings through TripAdvisor
TripConnect cost-per-click and TripConnect Instant booking are two TripAdvisor products that which allows you to receive bookings through TripAdvisor. You can use TripConnect in both Sirvoy Premium and Sirvoy Basic. The connection is free in Premium. See all costs for Basic under “Pricing”.

TripConnect cost-per-click
This is a feature that will give you a direct link from TripAdvisor to your website and your Sirvoy booking form there. To activate this feature - follow the steps below:

  • Log in to the Management Center
  • Accept the TripConnect Terms and Conditions to participate in this program
  • Purchase a “Business Listing Subscriber”, if you are not currently a subscriber
  • Verify your IBE – You will be asked to confirm that your IBE is the one that you are listing
  • Confirm the languages in which your Booking Page is translated in
  • Verify your Links – You will be shown an example of a link to insure this is your property.  This link is provided by the IBE
  • Set up campaign
  • Set up a payment method for traffic you are going to receive
  • Start receiving traffic.

Now Tripconnect should be "Activated: Yes"  on your Tripconnect page in Sirvoy.

Read more about TripConnect at the following links:

TripConnect Instant booking

With this solution, the guest will finalize the booking without leaving the TripAdvisor site. The choice of using this feature is made on your TripAdvisor account. To activate Instant booking you also need to, in Sirvoy, add all policy fields under "Settings >Channels > TripAdvisor",  and all Descriptions and images under "Settings > Accommodations > Edit",  besides activating it from the Management center on TripAdvisor.

For "Instant Booking" activation: Confirm that you have added all fields under "Settings > Channels > TripAdvisor" as "Check-in/out policy", for example. Add images and descriptions to all your Accommodation types under "Settings > Accommodations > Edit".

! Hotels from all around the world can set up "Instant booking". But the feature is only available to guests booking from these 11 countries: US, U.K., Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore and South Africa. If guests book from any other country, the "Instant booking" "Book Now" button will not appear to them.


According to tripadvisor a global rollout is expected in the first half of 2016.

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