Setting up Hostelworld  

Follow the below instructions to set up channel management with Hostelworld: (, When this feature is activated availability will automatically be updated as bookings are received.

  1. This feature requires that you have an account with Hostelworld.
  2. Make sure that you use Sirvoy Premium. If you use Sirvoy Basic you can upgrade by going to "Settings > Your account > Account type > Edit".
  3. Contact your Account manager at Hostelworld and ask them to open an API connection to Sirvoy. If you don't have one, please contact Hostelworld on instead.
  4. After you have received a confirmation that they have accepted your request you will be able to synchronize your Hostelworld account with your Sirvoy account by going to "Settings > Channels > Integration with Hostelworld". There, you will need to login by using your Hostelworld ID (a number combination) and password. (This is usually some letters, abbreviation of your hotel name, plus some numbers at the end. How the password has been delivered to you from Hostelworld may be a little different. It may be specified under the heading “Basic login”,  in an email you received from Hostelworld, or there may be a “User name” you were given a long time ago by Hostelworld).
  5. When you log in you will be able to map, or match, your available Hostelworld accommodation types with your Sirvoy accommodation types. Have a look at this support page, about synchronizing your Sirvoy accommodation units with your channel's accommodation units, to accomplish this successfully. Prices set for the room types will after this step be automatically sent from Sirvoy, you don't have to manually send a price update.
  6. Contact us at or on our chat and we will activate the connection for you.
  • Be informed that once the connection is completed, all updates of rates, availabilities and restrictions, will be sent to Hostelworld exclusively from your Sirvoy interface. Manual entries are no longer accepted in the Extranet on Hostelworld's side. Rates & availability grids will only be visible for the hotel for their monitoring and conformity with the uploads sent from Sirvoy.
  • Reservations, modifications and cancellations will be re-transmitted to the hotel via Sirvoy. However, it is the responsibility of the accommodation owner to always keep track of Hostelworld’s Extranet to monitor the status of each booking generated on-line. Hostelworld will continue to provide booking statistics and information through their Extranet, so users can confirm that all bookings received are updated correctly. The Extranet will not have to be visited for the connection to work but is there for the reassurance of the user.
  • Be aware that even if the synchronization of bookings between your channel and your Sirvoy account are almost  immediate, it is still possible that double bookings could occur, if bookings are made exactly at the same time. But this happens very rarely even for very busy hotels.
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