How can I accept online card payments for hotel bookings?  

To activate an online payment solution in Sirvoy you need to:

1) Have an existing account at one of the listed online payment providers below.

2) Activate the online payment feature in  Sirvoy under "Settings > Payments & Invoicing > Card payments"

Today, many are accustomed to paying by debit/credit card over the Internet. The Sirvoy reservation system has several different online payment solutions available. By using one of our payment solutions, your guests can pay for their booking online or you can request and store card details for later processing.

Depending on which payment solution you choose, guests will either be asked to pay immediately, in order to complete the booking, or they will just be asked to enter credit card details in order to guarantee the booking, and you can charge the card at a later time.

You can also choose, depending on the payment solution, to charge the guest a mandatory fee at booking, and let them pay the remaining amount later from a review form on your webpage.

Sirvoy is connected with these payment providers:

If you’re using Sirvoy Basic, we will charge a small monthly fee for the payment feature. It’s included at no cost when using Sirvoy Premium or Deluxe. The payment provider will normally charge a fee per transaction. Please check with the payment provider for current fees and rates.

Some payment solutions, such as WorldPay and Payment Express, will require that you have an online merchant account set up with your bank.


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