Setting up Google Hotel Ads  

Google Hotel Price Ads is now an available connection through the Sirvoy Channel Manager.  This feature will give you a direct link from Google Hotel Finder to your website so the guests can book from there. To activate this feature you will need to use Sirvoy Premium.

1. Go to "Settings> Channels> Integration with Google Hotel Price Ads > Edit". You can enable it from there and choose what amount per click you would like to offer for guests being directed to your website. The pricing settings can be adjusted over time until you find a level you’re content with.

2. Make sure you’re available on the Google Hotel Finder. Read more about Google Hotel Finder by following this link:

  • Google will deduct the actual advertisement costs each month from your Sirvoy account balance. Currency conversion will be done when your account is charged, if needed.
  • With Google Hotel Price Ads, your guests can be routed directly to your own website from Google+, Google Maps and, instead of the guest booking through other booking channels with high commissions. Google charges per click.
  • An important step in your marketing on Google is that your property has a page on Google+ and Google Places, with pictures, descriptions, etc.
  • Start with a low bid and try to raise the bid if your ads are not showing. We recommend a CPC of a minimum of $1 or $2 and try from there. A high bid is mainly necessary if the same room price is offered through several different channels.
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