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blackStripe is an easy-to-use and affordable (see pricing here) payment solution. It's also the most well-integrated and flexible payment solution in Sirvoy. Stripe is available in a number of countries and expanding. It supports VISA and Mastercard in all regions, and support American Express and Diners Club for businesses in the following regions.

Stripe is a very secure and PCI-compliant payment solution, since no card details will ever touch your own website, server or computer. The card information will not even pass through Sirvoy's servers, but will securely be sent directly to your Stripe account.

  lock_cardWhen using Stripe, your guests will have to enter credit card details in order to complete and guarantee their booking. You can however choose to leave the option to not add CC details at booking. As an admin user, you can choose to either enter credit card details or leave it blank when making a new booking. That means you can take bookings over the phone and optionally include a credit card. Credit card details can also be added to a booking at a later stage, for example, at the time of check-in. Multiple cards can be added to a booking too.

No charge will be made at the time of booking or when a new card is added to a booking. But of course, if you like, you can charge the card immediately after having received the booking. Stripe will validate the card information when it is submitted and make a $1 authorization charge (refunded immediately) that may appear in the guest's account statement for a short time.

When reviewing a booking in Sirvoy that has card details stored in Stripe, you can choose to charge the card at any time. Specify the amount to be charged. Multiple charges can be made, for example, partial prepayment and final payment at check-out. All charges made will show on the booking page and you can easily make a partial or full refund. 


If you are using Sirvoy's channel manager and receive bookings with credit card details from booking channels such as, Expedia, etc, those card details will also automatically be stored in Stripe. (Fax with card details will still be sent if requested.)

Please note: Even though a card is added successfully to Stripe, future charges may still be declined. Sirvoy has no access to the card details and will not be able to supply you with card details in clear text at any time. Stripe is creating tokens to represent the card information and will not supply you with card details in clear text. 

How to activate Stripe

  1. Go to: "Settings > Payments and invoicing > Card payments > Edit".
  2. Choose and click the button "Connect with Stripe". (if you don't already have a Stripe account you will be asked to create one)
  3. Once connected, you must also enter your Secret Key. Login to Stripe, go to "Account Settings" and click "API Keys" to find it. Make sure you copy and paste the "Live Secret Key". Make sure not to add any dashes before or after the "Live Secret Key". 
  4. Choose weather you want to leave "card details to be optional at time of booking" or not. If you choose "Yes", you can still forward guests, later on, to the review form to add their CC details. 
  5. Click "Save" and you're done!


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