Create A URL Permalink or Deeplink to Booking form or review form  

Most hotels find that the standard booking form provided under "Settings" > "Booking form" > "How to install" well cover their needs. But some hotels want to direct guests to their own landing page or portal page, with their own forms, pictures and presentations, as this gives them more freedom in displaying rooms, hotels, categories or room types. Secondly they want the information gathered be sent further to the sirvoy booking engine search or result page. 



Url pointing to the booking form search page with prefilled dates and nr of guests: =search

Url format example pointing to booking form result page, displaying all available room types for that specific search:

Url format example including discount code:



You can let the above url:s point to customized or filtered booking forms restricted to show only certain dates, rooms or categories. A combination of preset URL:s and preset booking forms gives you even more freedom to choose what and what not to display in the linked booking form. 



See the documentation at the top in the widget source for advanced usage:

Optional attributes to the script-tag:
* data-container-id custom div-id for styling etc
* data-callback custom function for callbacks with events for the booking flow. 



Optional query-string parameters to the host-page (for booking form):
* language If this query string parameter is preset it will have precedence over data-lang.
* adults Number of persons in the booking
* check_in Date for check-in
* check_out Date for check-out
* target Target page, can be 'search' or 'results'
* rooms JSON string to search in specific rooms, see calendar for example usage
* code Use specific booking code
* category Use specific category for booking.



Optional query-string parameters to the host-page (for search form):
* language If this query string parameter is preset it will have precedence over data-lang.
* booking_id Booking ID to search for
* lastname Last name to search for

The format of the link would be something like this:


There is a requirement right now to set the check-in and check-out date to accept the other parameters, but that can be changed if the customer need it.

OBSERVE Advanced skills in web design is required to manage the above so we strongly recommend you to contact a web designer in order to help you with this as we do not offer support for any web development or web design. 



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